Don’t Let A Threat Get You Down

Is it a Virus, Malware, Adware or Spyware? These are dangerous. They are as damaging and costly as the viruses claim to be. They flood mail servers, slow down networks, cause enormous loss of data, and waste countless hours of productivity.

Your company needs to have a security policy. Who handles the virus software updates? What do you do if your virus software indicates you are infected? A virus SWAT TEAM needs to be established for you.

Virus software will not protect you if you do not keep it up to date. This needs to be done so that the latest virus definitions are able to detect new viruses when scanning your systems. DOSS has a solution for you!

For current virus threats, visit the Virus Information Center at:

DOSS has developed a Managed IT program that can assist you in this area. See Service & Support, Customer Care, and Manage IT for more information.

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