5-Step Success Plan

As a result of our years of experience providing advanced technology solutions, DOSS has developed a five-point project philosophy. This method serves to expedite each customer solution we build, whether it is a network design, business telecommunications system, or file server solution.

We have a 5-step plan:

1. Assessment
Our team of professionals begins every business relationship with a project assessment. This assessment analyzes the current systems’ architecture as well as the company’s strategic goals to assure any proposed solution will comply with and fulfill both. We assess your existing technology as well as planning for future needs and requirements.

2. Design
An effective technical assessment allows the project management team to develop the strategy that most effectively meets your goals. The team drafts a scope of work that serves as the base for the system design. The Project Plan outlines the procurement of components, plan for implementation, and timeline for completion. Also detailed are how the recommended technologies will meet long-term business goals and options for future system upgrades so we can incorporate new technology as you require it and as it becomes available.

3. Implement
Implementation of the solution occurs in three phases: 1) Installation, 2) Testing, and 3) Documentation. When building the solution, your project team will recreate your environment in our facilities and test the solution continuously as it is built. This testing phase assures a smooth installation in your facility. Following installation, we run complete diagnostic tests targeting possible weak points or potential points of failure to ensure a highly available, uninterruptible end product. The project team then hands over support documentation, representing every point of the process, to your administrators.

4. Train
Once your new technology is operational, we transfer management to your staff of professionals. You may even elect to keep a designated DOSS solutions professional at your disposal, either off- or on-site. After your staff is confident in managing the new solution, DOSS is still available on-call to assure operations continue to run smoothly.

5. Maintain
You can rest assured that your new solution will be ready for future upgrades because all DOSS solutions are built with your organization’s future growth in mind. When you decide to upgrade your system to adjust to your increased staff size and functionality, your DOSS project team will already have a site assessment, so they can immediately begin at the design stage.

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