Who We Work With

DOSS Business Systems provides products and solutions for a broad range of customers. Our products are easily customized to suite any customer application.

Our customer list includes doctors, attorneys, financial advisors, schools, insurance companies, healthcare facilities, banking, etc.

We have provided solutions to a wide variety of manufacturing companies from small local shops to very large factories with multiple sites producing everything from auto parts to giant industrial mixers.

If you have ever contacted a trucking company in our region, it is more than likely their communication system was provided by DOSS. We have numerous trucking clients using our digital PBX systems with ACD.

DOSS Business Systems provides installation and support services to small retail shops, large international discount stores, food establishments, as well as many others.

We have very strong business relationships with many county, state and local government agencies. These include the Darke County Courthouse, Administration Offices, Human Services, Schools, BMRDD, as well as many others.